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Massive Hashing Power

Over 11,500 H/s v7 - World's Most Profitable Monero v7 Miner

The Neon Miner v7 Xeon Phi miner is the most powerful Monero and Electroneum miner ever. Cryptonight Heavy + XMR v7 Fork Support.
Ships in days instead of months.

  Neon Miner 11.5kH/s+ - Mining Speed Proof

Neon Miner 11.5kH/s+ - Mining Speed Proof


Neon Miner v7

Mega GPU Power without GPU shortages.

The Neon Miner v7 is the world's most powerful Xeon Phi miner. The Xeon Phi is faster than a GPU and doesn't suffer from shortages.


Massive Hashing Power

Over 11,500 H/s in a single 2U form factor. Payback times have never been lower thanks to these extremely fast and power efficient chips.


In-stock Systems, Fast Shipping

We carry a large supply of systems and components allowing us to avoid global supply shortages and provide rapid delivery for most orders.



Rack mounted mining allows you to scale to hundreds of systems. 19" rail mounted racks are a global industry standard.


Quick Specs

Here's everything you need to know about the Neon Miner v7

Payback Period

Our hardware buys itself. Click here view the latest profitability calculations. Mining ETN or XMR with 11,500 H/s, 1,500W.

Neon Miner v7 Profitability Calculator

Power & Dimensions

The Neon Miner v7 draws a maximum of 1500W of power with a voltage range of 100V to 240V.

The Neon Miner v7 is a 2U rack mountable server.

Ready to go out of the box

Comes pre-installed with all of the software you'll need to start mining the moment you plug it in. Pre-installed with the world's faster mining software: LukMiner.


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